We all are a little nervous, when first giving our beloved dogs, to a new dog walker or pet sitter. Both Kobi and I took to Janice from the instant we met her, when she came to assess both him and myself. He absolutely adores going with her, and I am 100% happy and relaxed when he's at pet adventures, knowing he's in very capable hands. I only have to say the name 'Janice' and I can see the immediate excitement in Kobi, the wagging tail, the rush to the door to greet on her arrival. He always arrives home a happy dog, who I know has had a fun filled day when in her care.

Jack Konopate

Max our Bernese seemed to have a brilliant time with Janice and her family - it was a reasonably last minute arrangement, and Janice came to the house to meet Max beforehand. He instantly took to her (you can tell he likes someone when he sits on their feet!). When we picked him up he was obviously very settled in her home, and after 5 minutes of manically greeting us, he went to sit on Janice's feet again. Happy dog happy owners. Was very pleased to know he was in a lovely home rather than stuck in a kennel, well worth it

Tracey Scothern

Janice Schindler offers an all round fantastic service. Janice is professional, reliable and trustworthy but above all she is warm and kind.

Whenever I leave Lara (my year old black Labrador) with Janice for any length of time, I have absolute peace of mind knowing that she (Lara) is in the safe and capable hands of someone who genuinely cares about her health, happiness and overall wellbeing.

- Roxanne Tiefenbrun -

Alfie our 1 year old cocker spaniel has been going walks with Janice since he was just four months old. When Janice first came to visit Alfie it was very clear that she she would offer what suited the puppy rather than what suited her day. As a result we would return home from work to a very happy and contented dog. As he has grown and his needs have changed, Janice has adjusted his care accordingly. He now gets a long group walk during the day and returns home well exercised and happy. Janice offers a very flexible service and has taken him extra days when needed. On occasion Alfie and I have met Janice in the park and he has bounded up to her, and his delight at seeing her is obvious. Janice offers an excellent service which I would highly recommend.

- Gillian Hall -

Janice has been helping us with our dog Fred since he was only three months old. Janice came to meet us and Fred before his first day with her and it really put our minds at rest that we were leaving our puppy with someone who really cares for animals and that he would get just the right amount of exercise for his young age. Fred absolutely loves his days with Janice and her family. It's been great for his socialisation too as he's around her children and the other animals. Fred has so much fun there that sometimes I don't think he wants to come home! I would definitely recommend Janice and Pet Adventures to others

- Claire Fitz -

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